SOLD! 2015 Bill Nash S-63 SSH reverse headstock Fralins Bridge Humbucker Turquoise


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Product Description

This is a one of a kind, totally unique right handed, but with the Reverse Headstock Bill Nash S-63 Guitar in Ocean Turquoise.  Fralins, SSH pickup configuration, humbucker at the bridge. This is the best guitar you’ll ever play.  Beautiful frets, great wood grain, very resonant, And the awesome Fralins, the best boutique pickups you can buy.  And nothing plays better than an aged Bill Nash guitar.  This is how Leo meant his guitars to play, feel and sound.  This one is a new 2015, never displayed Nash S-63.  Perfect set-up.  Great tone.

And check out the super awesome new Nash Alligator skin cases.  Perfect.

You have to experience it to believe how comfortable it is to play an expertly aged guitar. And Bill Nash is the expert. Only high end components.  All USA made.  I have never played a guitar that is set-up as nicely as a Nash when it arrives in the store, and this includes Gibsons, Rickenbackers, and American made Fenders.   Beautiful cloth wiring, very disciplined, no sloppy soldering, precise, accurate and sturdy.

Great wood.Medium C Neck, dead-straight.

Nice full sounding, very powerful, very articulated Fralins.

This guitar has great resonance and you forget what great resonance is on an electric when you haven’t heard it in awhile. You will never find a guitar this resonant off the wall at Guitar Center, or through the mail from Musician’s Friend. A combination of the wood that Nash hand-selects, the very thin coat of nitrocellulose lacquer, a properly seated neck pocket, and the appropriate density of the woods used. Combine this with the Fralins and you really have a match made in heaven. Finally a guitar that sounds and plays like the originals did in the early 60’s. This is a guitar that can last you a lifetime, and just get better over the years.

Includes the super duper new Original Hard Shell alligator Case.

If you’re in Europe contact me, there are many places that I can ship to in Europe.

The guitar is brand new (well you know) in the case, never displayed and includes the full Nash warranty.

Nash S-63
Case: Nash alligator skin Hardshell Case Included
Aging: Heavy
Finish: Ocean Turquoise
Body:  Alder
Neck: Maple
Neck Carve: Medium C
Pickups: Fralins
Electronics: USA 5-way

We are a brick and mortar guitar store (Bend Guitar Den) and Nash Dealer.  If you don’t see exactly what you want, call us and we can have it custom ordered for you.  541-977-6630.