SOLD! New 1993 Fender Japan 67 ’68 RI Stratocaster MIJ 1967 Reissue NOS flawless


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SOLD!  Rare 1967 Reissue Fender Stratocaster Made in 1993 Never Played Absolutely Flawless

All original, Stunningly beautiful Sunburst, 19 year old MIJ not CIJ, 1967 Japanese Reissue Strat.  I’ve been collecting these for a long time and this is one is the nicest possible:  brand new, never played.  Like it came out of a time machine from 19 years ago.  Plastic still on metal parts of the beautiful Fender Tweed Case.  Includes the Warranty Card, instruction manual, and all other paperwork that came with the Guitar.  This literally went into a closet 19 years ago, and came out yesterday.  No play wear.  Has the nice thin neck.  Very, very, easy to play.  Great action.  Beautiful neck wood grain and finish.

I’m selling all of my fabulous collectors 1967 Reissue Japanese Strats.  I’m a collector of Japanese Reissues, primarily the ’54 reissue strats, the 67 reissue strats and the ’62 reissue teles, which in my opinion are some of the best Fenders ever made.  This one is:

Older MIJ (not CIJ) Fender 1967 Reissue Strat in new condition.  Serial Number S 018722.  Japanese Reissue of the 1967 Large Head, thin neck stratocaster.  Great wood grain on the neck.  All original.  Stamped fender saddles.  Brand new.  No nicks, dings, scratches or indentations.

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This guitar was made at the Fuji-gen Gakki plant.  The Fujigen plant made some of the best production guitars in the world in the 80s and 90s.  They made all of the wonderful early charvel surfcasters and the high-end charvel imports from that era.  They also made the Richie Blackmore strat and the Yngwie Malmsteen strats from that era with the scalloped necks.  They make the ultra high-end Zemaitis guitars.