Modern Vintage – Aged to Perfection

With a Bill Nash Guitar you can truly have it all in one guitar

It’s a real workhorse of a guitar.  A Nash Guitar is a professional grade instrument that can be both taken out on the road and played in the studio.  The high-end electronics make the Nash a great recording guitar.  The sophisticated aging make it road worthy and comfortable to play all night in clubs or in concerts. The set-ups are perfect, the best you are going to get from any guitar maker. Maybe Clapton’s or Beck’s guitar techs set guitars up better; I don’t know.  But I don’t see how anyone could improve upon what we’ve received in our store directly from Nash Guitars. The relic look is great if you aren’t looking for something shiny and new. You really don’t need anything more than a Nash Guitar.

Bend Guitar Den’s Nash Andy Summers

I’ve found that you can spend hours experimenting with the sounds and tonal variations of a Nash Guitar with just the single pickup, single coil E-Series. The three position switch offers numerous tonal options from the one pickup. And forget what you might think about the tinny thin sound of a traditional single coil bridge pickup Esquire. You get a big, full, articulated, beefy sound with the Lollar or Fralin that Bill Nash puts in his E Series guitars. These guitars are 100% American made and are a very good value. After you buy a Nash Guitar, you’ll find yourself thinning out the herd and relying more on this one instrument because it really can do it all!

Bill Nash Provides a brief overview of the details and specs of Nash Guitars:

“Our guitar bodies are made of Alder, or Swamp Ash. The bodies go through triage before production, to keep within our weight and resonance specs. Ugly, or clunky wood is rejected. Mahogany is used on 69 thinlines if ordered as such.

Necks are of one piece Maple, or Maple with Rosewood fingerboard construction. Fingerboards are a 10 radius and frets are a Dunlop 6105. Guitar nut width is 1 5/8. Bass nuts are 1 5/8 on P and 1 ½ on J. Neck shapes are Medium C, with an average of .83 depth at 1st fret and .95 depth at 12th fret, and Boatneck (big with a slight V), with an average of .97 at first fret and 1.00 at 12th. Vintage single action truss rods with heel adjust. Birdseye is available for an additional charge. Nuts are Tusq.

All finish is Nitrocellulose Lacquer. No plastics, polys or other materials are used. This applies to the grain filling, undercoating and other prep coats.

Standard aging levels are light, medium and heavy. Extra-heavy aging is available for additional charge. We do not make new looking guitars.

Hardware is generally Gotoh vintage style. T bridges use compensated saddles for better intonation.

Pickups available are Lollar, Fralin, DiMarzio and Duncan. CTS pots, CRL switches, Switchcraft jacks and Sprague Orange-drop caps are standard.

Bigsby tremolo available on some T-Models at an additional charge.”

Jason Lollar talks about Bill Nash Guitar’s special Lollar pickups.

Nash Wiring Explanations

Owning a Nash involves some responsibilities.  Please read here:

Bill Nash Talks Guitar Philosophy

Go to the Nash Guitar website to view your options and then custom order your Nash! Or go to our previously sold Nash guitars page, find the guitar you want, and click on “I want one like this”.  Nice Video of Nash on Fox TV